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Advisory Services

​At RHL Enterprise, we engage directly with NetSuite clients to provide comprehensive services before, during, and after deployment. Our dedicated team offers vendor selection and module assessment services, helping clients define their business drivers and aligning technology with their HR, Payroll, Finance, and Student applications.

Our range of services includes:

  • Data migration services

  • Integrations management

  • Project management

  • Staff augmentation​

  • Go-live support

  • Hyper-care support

  • Production support

With a specialty focus in various industries, including Higher Education, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Public Sector, and Small and Medium Enterprises, WorkdayCrew is committed to ensuring quality, satisfaction, and long-term success for your Workday journey.

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What Are Advisory Services?

Advisory services at RHL Enterprise encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions that engage directly with NetSuite clients, spanning the entirety of their deployment experience – from the initial stages through post-deployment support. Our dedicated team is committed to providing guidance, expertise, and support to ensure your Workday implementation aligns seamlessly with your business goals and requirements.

Why Choose Advisory Services?

1. Strategic Guidance Before Deployment: Our experts collaborate with you to make
informed decisions during the crucial planning and vendor selection phases. We assess
your needs, offering module guidance and vendor insights tailored to your specific
business drivers.
2. Smooth Deployment and Alignment:

During the deployment process, our advisory services ensure that every step aligns with your HR, Payroll, Finance, and Student applications. We meticulously manage data migration, integrations, project execution, and staff augmentation, optimizing your Workday setup.
3. Confident Transition and Post-Launch Excellence:

As you transition to the new system, our advisory support continues. We offer go-live and hyper-care assistance, ensuring a seamless experience.

Comprehensive Service Range

  • Explore the array of services we offer:

  • Data Migration Services: Effortlessly migrate your data to Workday with precision and  accuracy.

  • Integrations Management: Seamlessly manage integrations for smooth interactions across systems.

  • Project Management: Navigate project complexities with our skilled project management team.

  • Staff Augmentation: Enhance your capabilities with our specialized staffing solutions.

  • Go-Live Support: Transition confidently with reliable support during the go-live phase.

  • Hyper-Care Support: Navigate post-launch intricacies with dedicated hyper-care assistance.

  • Production Support: Ensure ongoing system health and performance with our expert support.

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